Caplan Accountants – Our Vision and what we believe in

Honesty, trust and integrity:

We don’t overpromise by committing to something we aren’t able to deliver.  And we never fail to do what we promise.  We won’t avoid difficult conversations, and if something is wrong we encourage you to speak to us right away – we’ll listen.


We see our relationship with you as being not simply a “supplier and client”, but a long-term relationship that works in true partnership.  As such we look for our clients to hold the same values and vision that are important to us.  We work with people who are like us, and we know you will want to do the same.

Professional Responsibility:

Our team takes responsibility for the decisions they make, and we encourage that.  We’re conscious that you, too, take a high level of responsibility in the work you do and the business you run, and we respect that.

Exceeding expectations:

When you’re our client, our goal is to go beyond what you expect of us.  Many of you have come to us from other accountants (in Watford or elsewhere) and it hasn’t always been easy to get what you need when you need it.  Our goal is to deliver consistent and reliable accounting services to you in a way that goes beyond what you might expect. Naturally, since we work with integrity and personal responsibility, if we fall short of that we’ll be the first to let you know and make it right.


In a way, this goes without saying. You’d expect your accountant to deliver the best advice in a professional manner.  But we pride ourselves on our reliability and accuracy, and our clients do the same.


Your businesses inspire us, and give us ideas about running our own business.  While accounting, bookkeeping, taxes and payroll may not be very inspirational to you, we trust that our relieving your shoulders of that burden will bring greater levels of inspiration to you.

Understanding and empathy:

We’ll take the time to truly understand you, your business, and your background.  There is no other person or business in the world quite like you and yours.  We work in partnership with you. Talk to us.